I'm not so much into the traditional, so it was extra fun to start designing baby nests, where you can be crazy creative.

A baby nest can both be neat, cozy & become an interior detail in the home.

The design is inspired by Baroque, Rococo, Romance & Paris
Cozy fabrics with beautiful details. Some of the baby nests are only one of & others may be some more of.
No mass production but unique to those who want some little extra.

Washable on low degree & should be tied up so unnecessary chafing/damage will happen during the wash.
Do not put it in dryer, only self-dry on flat surface.

New baby nest will come up & so check back soon.

Beauty baby nest
108.68 USD
Aurora baby nest
117.57 USD
France baby nest
117.57 USD
Vintage Babynest
108.68 USD